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Boundaries Conversation Deck

Boundaries Conversation Deck

Establish healthy boundaries with each card in this deck. What are your core values, needs, and desires? What are your non-negotiables? How do you define consent for yourself? How would you react if someone took your place in line? How would you handle a situation where a friend tells you that you hurt them?

These 52 cards encourage reflection and conversation about your boundaries, needs, consent, and relationships. Reflect on your past experiences, current methods for recognizing and respecting boundaries, and ways to communicate more effectively in the future. There are no right or wrong answers, only your answers.

This deck contains two types of cards:

  • Reflection cards help you become more aware of your thought patterns, how your past has influenced them, and how you can reshape them to better suit your present and future. These cards are also great for discussions.
  • Situation cards pose "What Would You Do?" scenarios, prompting you to consider potential situations and plan strategies to manage them effectively.
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